Come along to Dirtmasters on Wednesday afternoons.

Starts at 4:00pm (4:30pm during daylight savings) and goes for 1 hr. For kids ages 6 and up, with appropriate bikes and skill levels. Please refer to the Skills below as all new riders must be able to demonstrate the entry level skills to register.  The afternoon includes 1 hr of facilitated coaching and riding, seperated into groupings of similar skill levels. If you ride yourself, come along as well as the coaches need all the rounding up help they can get. Just like little athletics, parents must stay so you may as well come for a ride too. There is a $20 charge per school term that goes towards the running costs and track maintenance. The kids must also be licenced. They can either join the club at a annual fee cost of $55, or they can get a $5 participation licence on the day. 

To become a member go to the followoing link, and be sure you select the Hastings Valley Mountain Bike riders as your club. http://www2.mtba.asn.au/membership/  


Registration is from 4 pm, for the first two weeks of the school term only, and all registration fees must be paid on the day the child registers. For any new dirtmasters, the first week will be free, to enable us to ensure they are able to do all the entry level skills and to make sure they enjoy themselves.  Registrations will be done on a first come first served basis and we will limit the numbers for each group, to ensure that the groups are manageable and you get the most out of the coaching on offer. So come and check it out and see if you like it.

All our Dirtmasters must wear an Australian Standard approved helmet that is appropriately fitting (must be tight and straps adjusted tight) must be worn at all times at dirtmasters. All bikes must have at least 6 gears, V brakes (not caliper brakes), hand activated brakes (no back pedal brakes) and must be in good working order (ie the kids need to be able to reach the levers for their brakes and be able to pull them in, their gears should be working and they must have grips and bar ends on their handle bars. If you are uncertain we recommend that you have your bike serviced regularily at one of our local bike stores, not only so we are not fixing bikes instead of coaching, but to ensure your childs safety. If you come regularily we also suggest that the bikes are serviced at least 6 monthly to ensure they are safe to ride.The kids are riding around trees, rock and on steep decents so Mountain biking can be a dangerous sport if the bikes brakes do not work!!

As a final note, all the coaches at Dirtmasters are very skilled riders and passionate about getting our younsters into the sport of mountain biking. They also volunteer their time ever week to be apart of this great afternoon, so dont forget to say thanks to your coach at the end of the day for giving you their time and showing you some cool stuff to do on your bikes!! And most important of all - listen to your coaches, learn from them and above all, enjoy yourselves!!!!

Dirt Master Skills

The list of skills will be covered at each of the levels at Dirtmasters and in order to move up to the next level these skills must be achieved. 

Level 1 – New Starters: 

  • Braking – able to break near a given point 
  • Pedals – able to keep feet on pedals at all times 
  • Start – able to start pedalling from a stopped position 
  • Weaving – able to follow a tracking set out 
  • Downhill – looking up and able to stand up on pedals 
  • Able to listen and follow basic instructions 

Bike – need to have a pedal bike in good working order, with V brakes for both hands (no back pedal brakes), must be able to reach and pull in the brake levers and must have at least 6 gears in working order. 

Level 2 – Red: 

  • Braking – accuracy, judging how much to brake and know which brake is which 
  • Downhill – must be able to stand up on the bike, keep pedals even and look ahead 
  • Uphill – must be able to select the correct gear 
  • Cornering – looking ahead around corner 
  • Posture – general good riding posture 
  • Gears – able to change gears 
  • Obstacles – able to handle basic obstacles on green loop (entry rocks, burms, koala hills) 
  • Gears – need a bike with  at least 12 gears to be able to move to the next level 




Level 3 – Green: 

  • Braking – knowing which brake to use and be able to brake without skidding
  • Downhill – looking up, standing, soft knees & arms 
  • Uphill – elbows in, lean forward, correct gear, able to stay seated when climbing 
  • Gears – able to change up and down gears as required 
  • Pump track – relaxed posture, pumping action 
  • Obstacles – able to handle narrow passages, bridges, small rocks, step down, pump track 
  • Bike Knowledge – knowledge of bike parts and how they work 
  • Speed & Strength – need enough endurance to keep up at higher level to move to next group and be able to climb all tracks at WRP without walking.

Level 4 – Blue: 

  • Cornering – using correct gear, speed and foot position in & out of corners 
  • Pump track – fluidity and speed, correct pumping action 
  • Rocks & roots – continuity through rocks & rough terrain 
  • Obstacles – able to tackle small rock garden, buckle up, all blue track and most of black 
  • Bike Knowledge & Maintenance – basic 
  • Speed & Strength – need enough endurance to keep up at higher level to move to next group


 Level 5 – Black: 

  • Skills - Advanced riding skills 
  • Tricks – jumps, all rockgardens, bump & go, etc 
  • Bike Maintenance – more advanced (change tyre, patch tyre, adjust tyre pressure, brakes) 
  • Racing Prep – working on getting them race ready to join club races 

Tricks: Cornering/switchbacks, Bunnyhop, Mono Hop, Manual, Wall/bank rides, Trackstands, Riding steps, Tabletops, Unweighting, Doubles, Skinnies, Wheelie, Wheelie Drops, Endo Turns, Drop-offs, Step Ups, Front Wheel Touch-ups, Bump n Run, Wall Blunt, Stair manual, Stoppies, Back wheel lifts around corner, Fakies, Slalom.

Generally we expect that the Black level riders will start to make the coaches "run for their money"!!


Letter to Existing Dirtmasters Parents - 2nd November 2015

Dear Dirtmasters Families, 

Due to the limited number of coaches and our restructuring, we have a few changes that need to take place. 

1) Unfortunately due to a shortage of volunteer coaches we need to reduce our groups, therefore we will no longer have a yellow group at Wednesday Dirtmasters.  Due to skill levels and the limited number of coaches, we will not be able to cater for children under the age of 6 years old in 2016. 

As the littlies do not have the listening skills to follow our instructions well enough to ensure safe riding and we consider it too high a risk of injury to be teaching mountain biking skills when they have not mastered the basic bike handling skills as yet. 

For the children already enrolled in this age bracket, we will continue to teach them basic skills during Term 4 and hopefully by January most of them will be capable of moving up to the next group.  This will be managed on a case by case basis and discussed with the parents involved. 

Please note that if your child is on a FREE trial membership and is under 6 years old, there will not be a group suitable for them next year. 

2) For safety reasons and manageability, we need to ensure we don't go over our ratio of kids to coaches in each group, therefore we will now take term enrolments for the first two weeks of term only with term fees to be paid at time of enrolment.  It will be a 'first in' basis and once numbers are reached for the groups we cannot accept any more for that term. 

If you are new to Dirtmasters week 1 will be a trial where your child can see if they like it and the coach will assess their skill level to determine which group they are suited to. 

3)  We take your child's safety very seriously and therefore we are introducing a minimum bike requirement for your child to be able to be trained successfully in mountain biking, these are: 


Bike must have hand brakes – no back pedal brakes allowed

Child must be able to reach and pull on brakes – not too tight

Brakes must be V brakes, not calliper brakes

Brakes must be in good working condition


Bike must have at least 6 gears

Gears need to be serviced regularly and in good working order 


Handle bars must have grips with end caps – no exposed metal ends 

We are looking at making some other exciting changes shortly which we are sure your kids will love, so stay tuned! 

We hope the above changes will give your kids a safer, happier ride.

Thanks you,