Women on Wheels


Women on Wheels

22-23 October, 2016

Where will it be?

Bago Vineyard, Near Port Macquarie, Starts 8am on Saturday and finishes 2pm on Sunday

 Who should come?

Women of any age, fitness and a basic to intermediate skill level. Girls from the age of 16 may attend at the organiser’s discretion and must have full supervision of a parent.

  What will you learn?

For beginners - we will teach you the skills to be confident to try some single track, come on our social rides, get out and ride with your family and friends and maybe even try a race

For intermediate riders – we will help you hone in your skills and have you confident to maybe try a see saw, a jump, mix it with the guys or even dabble in a bit of Gravity riding.

What will be provided?

  • Skill sessions with experienced coaching from some awesome female mountain bike coaches.
  • Morning tea and lunch on each day, a barista coffee for each day and a shared wine and cheese platter on the Saturday afternoon.
  • Seminars in bike maintenance and stretching.
  • The opportunity to meet & socialise with another 50 other women who are keen to mountain bike
  • Riding some of the best purpose built trails in the region

  How much will it cost?

$120. You will need to be a MTBA member to attend, or we can offer a day licence on the day of $15. The best option is for you to sign up to the 2 months’ free membership, prior to the weekend at http://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/. This will offer you the best possible insurance coverage for the weekend.

 Saturday night accommodation?

 We are keeping this year’s camp more basic to previous years, so accommodation will not be provided. If you need accommodation, you will need to organise this yourself. There are a many options in Port Macquarie, Bonny Hills or Wauchope that are all close to the venue. If you are interested in camping for the Saturday night this is also an option. The camping facilities are very basic, with toilets available a small walk from the camp area. Depending on the number of people that nominate to camp, we may need to hire a portable shower. Camping fees will be anywhere from $20 to $25, depending on numbers and will be confirmed closer to the date. We may also have a limited number of very basic bunk accommodation available onsite. Contact information to register interest in camping will be available upon registration.


Previous participant testimonials


“I can’t tell you what a most amazing time I had on the weekend.


The coaches: were absolutely amazing – encouraging, thoughtful, patient and downright generous with their time and enthusiasm for a group of women they did not know. I am truly gobsmacked by their abilities and the way they were able to gently guide us to actually having a go at stuff I was truly terrified of before the weekend.

Organisation: was brilliant – from the moment you started to speak to the group on Friday night, your relaxed manner and engaging persona put everyone at ease.  Every part of the program  was so well organised and each session so beneficial.

I have some idea of the amount of work it would take to get something like this off the ground. I hope this email is some assurance that your gigantic effort was hugely appreciated and incredibly beneficial to someone like me who probably would never have gone down a staircase or a seesaw – over another bridge without your encouragement.”

Just wanted to send a big thank you so much for an unbelievably informative weekend. I had an absolute ball and can't believe the stuff I did. stairs, drop offs, seesaws a mono (very small and quick but wahoo!). I usually ride with a bunch of boys and the name of the game is just go flat out and hang on! It was so valuable having these skills broken down and explained so well. Also you provided a safe encouraging environment which enabled me to give everything a go and truly surprise myself. I have been bunny hopping everything in sight since coming home. I can't wait for the next one”


Want to register?

Go to https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3279

 Registration will open at 8am on 28 July and will close on 18 October 2016 at 10 pm

 Can’t wait to see you there!!


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Social Rides

We at the Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders have decided that it is time to get women out on their mountain bikes. So if you are sick of watching your partner or kids, have not been sure how to get started, or want to improve your skills then come along to our social rides listed in the event calendar. If you are a more advanced rider then please come along too, maybe lead us on a trail you know or share some of your experiences. Ultimately this will be a ride to be social and meet other riders, learn a few skills and have fun. We would also love to hear from anyone who would be keen to take us for a social ride in other areas – we would be there so would just need your guide skills to get us around.

What to expect at the rides

  • Riding with women of similar skills and abilities
  • at some rides there will be a Basic Skills session for first 45 mins at beginning of each social ride
  • Approximately 1.5 hour ride – with options to finish earlier
  • Ride at your pace with lots of stops for chatting and catching breath
  • A mix of fire road and single track – nothing too technical
  • Stopping and practicing sections along the way as people want

So come along for the skills sessions, or come later and just join us for the ride – your choice!

NOTE: Social rides are free for MTBA members. Non-members must fill in a participation day membership and normally ould pay $5 to cover insurance and liability, however we are offering this for free at the moment. Soon we hope to have a few extra bikes available for free loan if you do not have one and want to come along for a go!

If the weather is looking dodgy, contact Belinda on 0401 032 668 or Debbie on 0428 642 896 on the day of the ride or go to either our Women on Wheels facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/325583624166326/ and ask to become a member.

What to bring

  • Mountain Bike in good working order
  • A cycling helmet approved by Australian Standards
  • Sufficient water for up to 2 hours of riding
  • A snack
  • Pump and spare bike tube
  • Sense of fun!

More info

For further information regarding any of the above, contact Belinda on 0401 032 668.

Levels of ability on social rides

We have found that some women avoid social rides as they tend to think they will not be skilled/ fast enough or they underestimate their ability. We cater all our rides for all levels of riders. Below is a guide to how we would class the different levels of riders. 

Beginner - anyone who:

  • has not been on single track (dirt) ride before
  • has ridden on the dirt but has limited endurance; has limited technical skills or confidence
  • rides occasionally and/ or is happy to remain at an entry level.

Intermediate - anyone who:

  • has endurance to ride for 1.5 hours at about 10-15km/h
  • has reasonable technical skills, attempts most obstacles on green runs (but may lack confidence in attempting some)
  • has raced or is considering racing

Advanced - anyone who:

  • has the endurance to ride for over 2 hours at pace (over 15km/h)
  • does not need to stop whilst climbing
  • has competent technical skills, attempts 60% of obstacles on blue runs (may still lack confidence sometimes) or
  • feels confident racing XC or enduro

Contact us if you are unsure about your ability. Feel free to join a ride below your ability level or to volunteer to lead a ride.