Our club meets once a month to discuss general club matters, upcoming events and management of Jolly Nose MTB Park.

All club members are invited to attend these meetings and be part of our great MTB club.

Click here for locations of upcoming meetings.

Dates for upcoming meetings

Wednesday 9th January 2019 (second week of January due to Christmas)

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Wednesday 1st May 2019

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Minutes from previous meetings

HVMBR-Minutes-20th February 2019

HVMBR-Minutes-9th January 2019

HVMBR-Minutes-5th December 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-14th November 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-6th October 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-1st September 2018

HVMBR-AGM 2018_minutes-21st August 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-24th July 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-19th June 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-29th May 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-24th April2018

HVMBR-Minutes-20th March 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-21st February 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-17th January 2018

HVMBR-Minutes-21st November 2017

HVMBR-Minutes-17th October 2017

HVMBR-Agenda-19th Sept 2017

HVMBR-Minutes-19th September 2017

HVMBR-Agenda-22nd August 2017

HVMBR-Minutes-22nd August 2017

HVMBR-Agenda-3rd August 2017

HVMBR-Minutes-3rd August 2017

HVMBR-Minutes-AGM-18th July 2017