Women and girls are welcome to all social rides/ races although numbers aren’t huge there is normally a few females at each social ride/ race but we would LOVE to see more and more, so please3 come along! We encourage you to post on the forums if you are looking for other riders (female or male) to join you in a race or a social ride.


There are 2 places to post for locals:
The Women on Wheels Facebook Page


and the mid north coast MTB social rides


If you wanted to find other female riders all across the state Silent Revolution is a great page and organise social rides in all locations.


There are women riding regularly during the week at both Wayne Richards and Jollynose Park and would be more than happy to meet you and show you around or join up. Feel free to post on the pages and see who is available.


The Taree Tip Riders are just down the road and have a wonderfully active women’s crew that ride and often have women social rides as their Saturday afternoon ride. It’s defiantly worth the drive. https://www.facebook.com/MGLTippies/



If you’re looking for a female only races nearby the Diamonds in the Dirt race is a great one to mark in the calendar http://rockytrailentertainment.com/events/Diamonds-overview.html and the Nambucca Valley Club ride at Jacks Ridge and run a few female races each year